17 1/2

One day, I wore a new shirt to work and was feeling all ‘fine’.  Rode the public bus to Castries, rode the OECS bus up the hill to Morne Fortune and was on my way back into town for lunch when the woman seated behind me said, “Harold, I’m going to touch your shirt and you’ll know why soon.”

She showed me the sticker from the back of my collar that had my neck size (17 1/2) and arm length.  They all laughed and said they could tell my wife wasn’t with me.

That was funny at the time.

All week I kept going to Derek Wolcott Square at lunch hoping to catch free performances for Jazz on the Square. They were setting up for free jazz Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday and I got to hear it Thursday and Friday.

There was also two days of Jazz on the Strip in Rodney Bay. I’d check it out on the walk home from the bus and then we walked into town later in the evenings for a bit more fun.

Today we spent lots of time at the beach and got in some swimming.

Rodney Bay Beach Panorama Shot

Rodney Bay Beach Panorama Shot



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