Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to my wife.  We married at a time when fun, experience and motivation were huge. Life and joy seemed effortless. We traveled to amazing countries for experiences that will continue to shape our futures.   I was self-employed and building my business, you became self-employed and grew into an accomplished and wonderfully talented photographer.  We had a beautiful daughter and then a most wondrous son.

Life became painful.  You stood by when it must have been immensely difficult.

I went to school in a rather massive career shift.  And now I am away for the first Mother’s Day since our children were born.  Thank you for allowing this important experience as I finish school.  I so look forward to being with you and the kids when you’re here and when I’m home later this summer.

I look forward to meaningful work – for me, and also so you can take a well-deserved a break.

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom.  You worked hard to raise us. Instead of trying to control me, you let me learn from my mistakes (and I made some doosies) and I am forever grateful.  And our kids love visiting with you – you’re knitting and sewing abilities and more importantly, your laughter, are magical to them.

Happy Mother’s Day to the step-moms. Our kids are so lucky to have you in their lives and I’m pleased that they call you ‘Grandma’.

And to my mother-in-law, you were one of the most accepting people I’ve met.  You accepted a vegan into your cattle-ranching family and you cooked amazing meals that included my way-of-life.  We think of you all the time in our family and I’m so happy you were there to teach our daughter her first set of animal sounds.  Our daughter also happily proclaims that you taught her how to bake cookies (before she was even two-years-old).