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Research on Education & a Workshop on Gender Awareness

I started my practicum at the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (“OECS“) seven weeks ago as part of the Education Management Development Unit (“EMDU“). In addition to providing input on policy, data for their upcoming educational digest and researching youth programming for member countries, I have been working on a research proposal.

Today I submitted the first 13-page draft to a supervisor for feedback. While I have written thousands of website and branding proposals and my last practicum included many stages of research, this is my first research proposal.  I used a paper by Hester Klopper as a basis for the structure of my proposal.  Klopper’s paper is on qualitative research and mine is for mixed-methods with open-ended interviews and surveys.

Caribbean countries have created many programs to improve the quality of education and there are still too many young people leaving school before graduating secondary school. The purpose of the research I am proposing is to discover the reasons why most students stay in school and the reasons others leave school early.  I believe many answers will be provided by asking students and teachers and that those answers can be used to create evidence-based policy for use in the ten OECS member countries.

The other thing that has me excited this week involves the five-week awareness program for preventing sexual exploitation. This week is on media, culture, gender and consent and I love discussing all those things.

Click to view slides in PDF format.

Click the image to view slides in PDF format.  Click here for the notes.

A big component of this workshop is a gender activity for femininity and masculinity based loosely on the “Act Like a Man Box” described by Paul Kivel’s book, “Men’s Work: How to Stop the Violence That Tears Our Lives Apart“, and from a Charlie Glickman workshop I attended a couple years ago.

As examples of people who do not conform to gender norms, I also used images of Eddie Izzard, Sinead O’Connor, Boy George, Grace Jones and Conchita Wurst.


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