Open for Work

Nonprofit Leader for Hire

I am an experienced leader and an entrepreneurial thinking structural social worker. My current professional interests centre around leadership, housing, homelessness, social innovation, social justice, community development, trauma informed practice, mental wellness, diversity, and inclusion.

I was a consultant and business owner for 15+ years before changing my career with a Master of Social Work. Having worked for 6 years in nonprofit (subject areas: homelessness, palliative care, domestic violence, housing-first, harm reduction, trauma informed practice, etc.), I am now looking for new opportunities. These can be permanent nonprofit leadership roles or shorter term contracts.

To review my professional experience, education and volunteering, see my LinkedIn Profile.

What type of work do I do?

  • Nonprofit Leadership
  • Program Management
  • Multilateral Public Consultation
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Professional Development
    • Social Determinants of Health
    • Community Development
    • Trauma Informed Practice
    • Harm Reduction and Housing First Principles
    • Introduction to Domestic Violence
  • Writing and Editing from an equity, diversity and inclusion lens
  • Grant Writing
  • Policy Development
  • Strategy

Contact me today and let’s get started!
Telephone: (403) 650-3959