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My Articles

Following is a selection of articles and presentations created during my MSW studies.

Written in 2015 Click for Harold's notes

  • Policy Brief on Bill 1, An Act to Renew Democracy in Alberta (35KB PDF)
  • LGBT Access to Benefits of Neoliberalism: Integrated Literature Review (137KB PDF)
  • Preventing Exploitation with Artistic Community Engagement (PEACE) (1.7MB PDF)
  • Excerpts from a Research Proposal to Examine Reasons Students Stay in School and Why Others Leave School Early in OECS Member Countries (234KB PDF)
  • Reflection on “Invitations to Responsibility” (40KB PDF)

Written or Edited in 2014 Click for Harold's notes

  • Bill 202, the Safe and Inclusive Schools Act: Policy Brief and Review (64KB PDF)
  • Letter to the Editor in response to an article by Andy Blatchford on November 4, 2014 (External link)
  • Engaged in Research/Achieving Balance: A Case Example of Teaching Research to Masters of Social Work Students (External link)
  • Action Research Presentation (532KB PDF)
  • Reflection on "Humanizing the Economy" and Cooperative Social Care (122KB PDF)

Written in 2013 Click for Harold's notes

  • Political Analysis of Canadian Crime and Incarceration Rates 1970 to 2012 (181KB PDF)
  • Communications & Enterviewing Portfolio (1.2MB PDF)
I enjoy researching statistics and academic literature to formulate evidence-based ideas (and policy).

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