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Articles & Presentations from 2013

Following is a selection of articles and presentations created in the year 2013.

Political Analysis of Canadian Crime and Incarceration Rates 1970 to 2012 (181KB PDF)

Written as an assignment for SOWK 621, History and the Foundations of the Profession.

I took this opportunity to examine the Conservative Party of Canada’s tough-on-crime policy in a historical context.  This included data from Statistics Canada along with academic and grey literature.  In 1991, crime spiked in Canada, the United States and in the United Kingdom.  While the UK and the US adopted tough-on-crime policies and began incarcerating people in massive numbers, Canada chose, possibly for budgetary reasons, to continue the course of a more rehabilitative approach.  In all three countries, crime dropped dramatically from 1991 to the present day.  In 2006, the Conservatives decided to start adopting harsh sentencing policies that have begun to create the same expensive and ineffectual justice systems that is now on the downturn in the US.

Communications & Interviewing Portfolio (1.2MB PDF)

Created as an assignment for SOWK 629 S01, Practice with Communications and Interviewing.

This was a project created in my first term of graduate studies as a way of building and demonstrating my approach to social work communications and interviewing. I now consider this as one of my first building blocks towards the finding my social work voice assignments.

"After reviewing the literature for this paper, I could find no evidence that tough on crime policies actually reduce crime. They are very expensive and do not provide effective means of rehabilitation." (Pliszka, 2013, p. 11)

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