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Articles Written or Edited in 2014

Following is a selection of articles and presentations created in the year 2014.

Bill 202, the Safe and Inclusive Schools Act: Policy Brief and Review (64KB PDF)

Written as an assignment for SOWK 671 S01, Advanced Social Policy.

The Progressive Conservatives were in power between 1971 and 2015. In 2014, the Alberta NDP introduced a bill to legislate mandatory support for gay-straight alliances (GSAs) and to repeal a homophobic section of the Alberta Human Rights Act. This paper includes a policy brief and an in-depth historical discussion of GSAs and LGBT-rights in Alberta.

Letter to the Editor in response to an article by Andy Blatchford on November 4, 2014 (External link)

Written as an assignment for SOWK 299.21 S02, Advanced Community Development Practice and Theory 1.

This is a letter written to the Calgary Herald in response to Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz’ statement that young people should volunteer in the for-profit sector while looking for work.

Engaged in Research/Achieving Balance: A Case Example of Teaching Research to Masters of Social Work Students (External link)

Walsh, C.A., Casselman, P.J., Hickey, J., Lee, N., & Pliszka, H. (2015). Engaged in Research/Achieving Balance: A Case Example of Teaching Research to Masters of Social Work Students. Journal of Contemporary Research in Education, 8(2).

A group of students conducted a study as part of SOWK 645, Issues in Social Work Research. This research used photo voice and asked what ‘balance’ means during the first term of social work grad studies.  As part of my research practicum, I worked with a fellow student, Patsy Casselman and our advisor, Christine Walsh, to code and theme the photos and comments provided by students. We then presented at a social work symposium and published an article in the Journal of Contemporary Research in Education.  While I am listed as fifth author for this paper, my contribution was larger during the coding, theming and presentation components.

Action Research Presentation (532KB PDF)

Created with Natasha Hass for SOWK 677 S01, Social Work Research for International and Community Methods.

In keeping with my desire for evidence based practice, I wanted to investigate action research as a means to continually reflect and improve my social work practice at micro and meso levels.

Reflection on "Humanizing the Economy" and Cooperative Social Care (122KB PDF)

Written as an assignment for SOWK 632, Social Policy & Social Justice.

Early in my studies, I found myself wanting to discover more socially just ways of running business and economics. Writing this reflection provided wonderful insight into cooperatives and more democratic social care.

"Bill 202 represents good policy. It calls for removal of a homophobic policy from the Alberta Human Rights Act and supports inclusivity of diverse populations in Alberta schools. (Pliszka, 2014, p. 8)."

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