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Articles Written in 2015

Following is a selection of articles and presentations created in the year 2015.

Policy Brief on Bill 1, An Act to Renew Democracy in Alberta (35KB PDF)

Written in preparation for a job interview during the summer of 2015.

In 2015, a newly elected majority NDP government introduced Bill 1 to shift the balance of power to individual Albertans. The bill bans political donations from corporations and unions.  This one-page policy brief presents the bill's benefits and shortcomings.

LGBT Access to Benefits of Neoliberalism: Integrated Literature Review (137KB PDF)

Written as an assignment for SOWK 697 S03, Diversity, Oppression and Social Justice.

This integrated literature review examines academic literature and statistical data.  It reviews the ways in which LGBT persons are excluded from the benefits of neoliberalism.  LGBT persons are overrepresented in prisons and homelessness and have poorer economic and health outcomes that heterosexuals. It is also more difficult to find work and to keep work for those who are openly lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. While I was pleased with this paper, I would like to write another that goes into greater discussion of the ways systemic, direct and internalized oppression work to constrain LGBT communities.  I am also interested in the ways LGBT persons are countering oppression.

Preventing Exploitation with Artistic Community Engagement (PEACE) (1.7MB PDF)

Report written for the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States during the summer of 2015.

This report presents the details, evaluation and suggested improvements pertaining to a five week program I co-created and co-facilitated with fellow MSW student, Amanda Barnes.  We met with community members before and after completing the program. The pilot program was with young people in an at-risk secondary school in St. Lucia.  The program was adopted by other St. Lucia agencies and non-profits and will be presented to nine other Eastern Caribbean countries.

PDF versions of presentations for lessons two (31.7MB) and four (2.5MB) are also provided.

Excerpts from a Research Proposal to Examine Reasons Students Stay in School and Why Others Leave School Early in OECS Member Countries (234KB PDF)

Proposal written for the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States during the summer of 2015.

Combines data with OECS and academic literature to examine reasons young people leave school early. Of particular concern is the fact that more boys are leaving school than girls.  This proposal presents the reasons more research is required to discover the answers from young people in Eastern Caribbean countries.  An in-depth participatory qualitative study is recommended with a follow-up quantitative study.

Reflection on “Invitations to Responsibility” (40KB PDF)

Written as an assignment for SOWK 679.78 S04, Trauma/Healing, Person/Planet.

This paper examines my reflections on book written by a therapist about his work with violent and sexually abusive men. While there are structural reasons for men to act this way, they also must accept responsibility – and to atone - for the harm they inflict on partners and children.

"Amanda Barnes and Harold Pliszka co-created and co-facilitated a five-week program to build awareness of (and to prevent) sexual exploitation...YouTube videos were presented, art was created and a public exhibition is intended (Pliszka, 2015, p.6)."

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