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Research Practicum


Research Poster


In 2014, I completed a research practicum within the Faculty of Social Work with Christine Walsh.

I participated in and learned about the following components of academic research:

  • Literature Review
    • Wrote initial literature review for a study that examined attitudes and knowledge of bachelor-level social work students in an online gerontology class.
  • Ethics Approval
    • Completed TCPS 2: CORE certification from the Panel on Research Ethics
    • Worked with a research assistant to complete an ethics application for a project looking at FASD symptoms in Calgary homeless populations.
  • Methodology
    • Read about, studied and learned Grounded Theory.
    • Wrote initial methods section for gerontological attitudes study.
  • Analyses
    • Coded and themed interview data for study concerning Calgary's immigrant serving sector workers.
    • Coded and themed photovoice data for an exercise examining balance in grad-level social work students.
    • Coded and themed online discussions and analyzed quantitative data for study with social work students attending an online gerontology class.
  • Results
    • Created initial models for immigrant serving sector study and photovoice paper.
  • Writing for publication
    • Co-wrote initial photovoice paper and edited final article for publication.
  • Research Presentation
    • Designed and co-wrote research poster.
      • Casselman, P.J., & Pliszka, H. (2014). Engaged in Research/Achieving Balance: Graduate Social Work Students’ Perspectives. Research poster presented at Faculty of Social Work Research Symposium on April 4, 2014 in the University of Calgary.
      • Research Poster (1MB PDF)
  • Community Meetings
    • Participated in meetings for the following projects:
      • Planning for qualitative participatory study examining the experiences of indigenous youth in foster care.
      • Data collaboration meetings with immigrant serving sector workers.
      • Launch of results giving voice to the experiences in shelters of persons living with homelessness.

Recommended Reading

Charmaz, K. (2006). Constructing Grounded Theory: A Practical Guide. London, UK: SAGE Publications Ltd.

Participation in different stages of numerous research studies was important learning process. Social work research is pivotal to evidence-based policy development.

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