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My Social Work Voice

The following videos were made at two points in time during my final year of MSW studies. They are meant to help me 'find my social work voice' and to present how I see myself as a social worker.

March 2015

"Canada’s society and its institutions were structured – and are largely maintained by – upper-middle-class and wealthy white heterosexual Christian men.  I have come to realize that most Canadians do not even know the privilege that comes with being a white male – I certainly didn’t know about it when I was younger. "

Click here for entire transcript of the above video.

December 2014

"To contribute to change, I will use research to influence sound evidence-based policy decisions. I will analyze, influence and develop policy to the betterment of society.  I will practice social work with a social justice lens inspired by third and fourth wave feminism."

Click here for entire transcript of the above video.

“Structural social work is concerned with the ways in which the rich and powerful in society define and constrain the poor and the less powerful” (Moreau, 1979, p. 78).

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